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How to join

If you feel that you, or a relative or friend, might like to attend the Centre then contact Gateway to Care on 01484 414933 who will arrange for a Social Worker to visit you for an assessment of your needs.

If you are an Individual budget or receive direct payments then you may apply by contacting the manager directly at Milen Care.

You are also more than welcomed to contact us directly on 01924 470774 for further information or queries you may have. Alternatively you can contact us by email or by filling in our Contact Us form.

Places at the centre are decided according to individual circumstances.

What our users are saying:
"I suffer from various health problems and as a result I feel depressed. Attending Milen is so refreshing and brings a smile to my face. The staff are excellent and I really enjoy my day at Milen." Ebrahim Chopdat
"I have been attending Milen for many years. Milen has been lifeline as it helps me pass my time with a smile. I enjoy meeting my friends and getting involved in activities. Milen Care is my extended family" Mohammed Siddique
"Milen is very welcoming and I get a lot of help and advice from here. I enjoy meeting people and having a chat. Milen is wonderful and each week I look forward to attending" Allah Rakhe